14 by 14 remains CLOSED TO SUBMISSIONS until further notice. We will definitely not be reopening for submissions in 2011. That is not an invitation to submit on January 1 2012. Whether we will reopen for submissions, and if so when, remains undecided for the present. Please do not submit unless/until an announcement here makes clear that we are open for submissions.


Our valued selection panelists during the period of Issues 1-11 are listed at right. We no longer select via a panel system. For information on the 14 by 14 team, please see the About page, and for more on our former selection panelists please see the Acknowledgements and Links pages in the numbered issues for which they served.

Editor: Peter Bloxsom

Artist: Pat Jones

Selection panelists, Issues 1-11:
 David Anthony (1-11)
 Robert Crawford (1-11)
 Rhina P. Espaillat (1-11)
 Anna Evans (1-7)
 Julie Kane (5-11)
 Rose Kelleher (1-4)
 Paul Stevens (1-11)