Sonnet Essays

Recommended sonnet essays:

Also worth reading are the mini-essays that accompany the following authors’ invited sonnets in our archive.

At some stage this list may be expanded.

  If you are interested in submitting to 14 by 14, be sure to read some of the content here to get an idea of the kind of material we are most likely to publish, and also note our guidelines on the Submissions page. We are currently closed to submissions, most likely until November 2011.

Editor: Peter Bloxsom

Artist: Pat Jones

Selection panelists, Issues 1-11:
 David Anthony (1-11)
 Robert Crawford (1-11)
 Rhina P. Espaillat (1-11)
 Anna Evans (1-7)
 Julie Kane (5-11)
 Rose Kelleher (1-4)
 Paul Stevens (1-11)