by Duncan Gillies MacLaurin

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In retrospect, I never thought I’d get
to wrap my hand around your naked breast
until your boyfriend’s timely absence blessed
our secret love. You begged me not to fret,
insisted that your boyfriend was no threat,
till I believed your leaving him was best
for everyone. And neither of us guessed
we’d each in turn be ravaged by regret.
A heavy price for such a petty theft;
though heaven knows we could have been more deft.
I waited two long months for you to call.
Your valentine arrived too late; I’d left
for Italy. Quite innocent, I’d fall
for someone else. I meant no harm at all.

Duncan Gillies MacLaurin was born in Glasgow in 1962. He read Classics at Oxford but left without finishing his degree. He spent two years busking in Europe. In 1986 he met his future wife, a Danish writer, in Italy and moved to Denmark. Since 1995 he has taught English and Latin at Esbjerg Gymnasium.
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Published 16 March 2010