Modern Physics

by Vaughn Fritts

I long for yesteryear when no resistance
meant a ball would roll and roll forever
in three dimensions. Space and time were never
combined. The common sense of Newton proved
collateral lines never bent or moved
towards each other, threatening to meet.
Then: light delighted in inconstancy;
there were no limits to velocity.
Now: thanks to Einstein, light has been confined
while Schrödinger — whose cat, alive and dead —
makes logic fuzzy. They have intertwined
the wave and particle! I live in dread
of naked singularities, discreet
relationships that happen at a distance.

Vaughn Fritts has had sonnets and other forms of poetry published in Measure, Iambs & Trochees, and Blue Unicorn (where he recently won first place in the Harold Witt Memorial Awards).
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Pat Jones
Published 28 July 2010