Pat Jones

Well Enough Alone

by Penelope Gallogly

If I could have another day with you,
I’d say let’s have a drink, but then I fear
you’d keep on going after just a few,
obliterating all for one more beer.

I’d ask forgotten things I need to know,
then, curse it all, an accidental tear
would interfere with revelation’s flow —
I’d be no wiser than when you were here.

Illusionary imaging is deft
when honest recollection is unclear;
if hazy mystery is all that’s left,
embellished memories may persevere.

Perhaps the blessing is that I’m bereft
of bygone days far better left austere.

Penelope Gallogly is an aspiring poet and artist from St. Louis, MO. She is also an advocate for animal rights, which is often reflected in her writing. Some of her poetry has been published previously at