Pat Jones

The Waves

by Jean L. Kreiling

Sprawled on a pew of sand, you meditate
on miracles of tide and time. Without
a prayer but apparently devout,
and humbled by the water’s shifting weight,
you watch with wonder, even venerate
this higher power rolling in and out:
omnipotence too obvious to doubt,
authority too awful to debate.

Like salty spray, some blue-green grace may cling
and seep unsanctified into your soul,
without a psalm or sermon — for the sea
makes its own joyful noise: the breakers ring
uncounted changes, and no church bells toll
more faithfully or irresistibly.

Jean L. Kreiling teaches music at Bridgewater State College in Massachusetts, and previously taught English at Western Carolina University; she has given presentations on music and poetry at scholarly conferences. Her award-winning poetry has appeared in several print and on-line journals, including Ekphrasis, The Evansville Review, The Formalist, The Pennsylvania Review, and SLANT.