Pat Jones

The Blessing of the Dew

by Yakov Azriel

We have no need of speech in order to
Express ourselves, nor do we need to play
A flute or violin. No; day by day
And night by night we savor silence, you
And I; and in this silence we renew
Our love. It seems to be the simplest way
— Far simpler than a storm of words — to say
The things we feel, this silence of the dew.

Like drops of moisture carried in the air
Which no one sees or hears, emotions pass
Between us tactilely, without regret,
Without a sense of shame. By dawn we share
The blessing of the dew like blades of grass
Until the two of us are soaking wet.

Yakov Azriel was born in America and moved to Israel at the age of 21. He has published over 120 poems in magazines, and three books of poetry: Threads From A Coat Of Many Colors (2005), In The Shadow Of a Burning Bush (2008) and Beads for the Messiah’s Bride (2009), all published by Time Being Books ( ). Thirteen of his poems have won prizes in international poetry competitions.