Pat Jones


by David W. Landrum

He that troubleth his own house
shall inherit the wind.
                        — Proverbs 11:29

Their houses are all gone—burned or torn down.
At least five places from my childhood days,
five sites my kinfolk lived in in one town
are gone, as if God sent angels to raze
those dwelling-places, meaning to expunge
their name and their posterity from the earth,
like Canaanites or Philistines, and plunge
remembrance of their lineage, their birth,
and death into obscurity. 
we don’t believe in curses much. “The cheap
apartments are the first torn down,” I say.  
But what you sow, I’m sure, you also reap.

I wonder how and why they might have sinned —
those cast-off souls inheriting the wind.

David W. Landrum teaches Literature at Grand Valley State University, in Allendale, Michigan. He has numerous publications and edits the on-line poetry journal Lucid Rhythms,