Study Shows Infidelity Rising Among Seniors

by Susan McLean

Ah, love, let us be true to one another!
Though waning hormones now can be replaced,
trust, root-pruned, never flourishes in other
gardens. Youth recedes the more it’s chased.
Vagifem and Viagra may add drive
to sex lives that have lapsed into routines,
while Botox, lifts, and liposuction strive
to make us as attractive as dead teens,
but only in love’s eyes do we possess
the bright hair and trim shapes that once were ours;
only love smiles when hearing us digress
on Tolkien or the Rolling Stones for hours.
None can replace us. You and I alone
can still love one another to the bone.

Susan McLean is an English professor at Southwest Minnesota State University, and a lifelong fan of poetry in form. Her poems and translations of poetry have appeared in Measure, Hunger Mountain, Mezzo Cammin, and elsewhere.