Rick Mullin


by Rick Mullin

Ontogeny does recapitulate
phylogeny. The cross biologist
who chalked it up may quibble and insist
that it won't hunt or fly… but it’s too late!
The painter and the poet share his dream
and recognize they’ve known it all along —
the ghost pain of a gill is like a song.
The whistle in a shell, a distant scream.
It’s elegant. A sacred narrative
of mirrors on a steaming forest trail,
the picture clear and text declarative.
That hieroglyphic snake is but a tail
each one of us unravels from the well
where formed the first illuminated cell.

Rick Mullin is a business journalist and painter whose poetry has appeared in print and online journals including Umbrella Journal, Measure, Light Quarterly and The Shit Creek Review. His Chapbook, Aquinas Flinched, is available from Modern Metrics.