Pat Jones

A Pear Tree

by Seamus M. Murphy

If I had a house to call my own,
I’d have a pathway made of stone.
I’d get a dog & call him Jack.
The side yard would be overgrown.
I’d have a pear tree in the back.
The kitchen would have morning sun,
& coffee on the stove, & one
sure cat that stretches & meows,
then sits, as silent as a nun,
to watch the rustling pear tree boughs.
& from the shade, the morning bird
would sing for Jack, the cat & me,
a gratitude for that tall tree
to close up every empty word.

Seamus M. Murphy has served as Poet in Residence at the Dallas Museum of Art and as Poetry Consultant to the Dallas Public Library. He has been named Distinguished Poet by the City of Dallas. His poetry has appeared in Ilya’s Honey, Veer: New Verse and The Red River Review, among others. More can be found at