Pat Jones

Gideon Bible

by David Stephenson

At a Ramada Inn where the TV
Was broken, fishing through the nightstand drawer,
I found a King James Bible dutifully
Placed by the Gideons, whoever they are.
It had a useful index in the front
With entries like COURAGE in Time of FEAR,
COMFORT in Time of SORROW, and some blunt
Death stuff. I kept it for a souvenir
And read it when the morning paper’s late.

If I ever meet a Gideon
I’ll tell her that I think it’s really great
That they leave all those books for everyone,
Then ask her if they have one listing out
Some passages for FAITH in Time of DOUBT.
David Stephenson, from Detroit, MI, is the author of Rhythm and Blues (University of Evansville Press, 2008).