Pat Jones

Crazy Quilt

by David W. Landrum

Their names are charming: Double Wedding Ring
and Old Maid’s Puzzle, Bear’s Paw, Northern Star
or Jacob’s Ladder. Our quilt was the thing
they call a Crazy Quilt, design bizarre,
not following a pattern — and at night
we got beneath it, clinging desperately
under its stitches and turned off the light,
hoping to celebrate love’s jubilee.

But it was crazy with our own designs,
this quilt we sewed together, patternless
because we each had different things in mind
and each a different purpose to express.

We curl up now beneath what we have woven,
lonely but warm, each in a self-made haven.
David W. Landrum teaches Creative Writing and Literature at Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  He has published in numerous journals, including Measure, Evansville Review, and The Formalist. He edits the on-line journal Lucid Rhythms,