Pat Jones


I’d seen a robin, days were getting mild,
the crocuses were up, and I could hear
the wild geese honking on the pond. Beguiled,
I’d set the garden chairs in place, in sheer
delight. The northern winter-spring transition
is never easy, but I’d hoped this year —
with father’s cancer gone into remission —
that April would be kind. Then we had snow
this afternoon, a boreal admonition:
Not so fast. Not so
                    Oh, to be the quiet sort
who bow their heads, accept the status quo,
conceding there’s a God, and we’re his sport,
that winter is so long, and life so short.

Currently a resident of St. Lazare, Quebec, Catherine Chandler has lectured in Spanish at McGill’s Department of Translation Studies and Concordia University's Language Institute. Her poems and translations have been widely published in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. She is the author of For No Good Reason (Olive Press, 2008).