Pat Jones

Scoundrel to Laureate

While you are writing your poem,
there’s one less scoundrel in the world.

there’s one less scoundrel— Ted Kooser

But all I want to do is keep seducing
Bimbos, scalping tickets, kiting checks,
Subverting governments, whatever’s next
That has a subterranean chance of goosing
The status quo. Who else these days knows more
Than poets about the subtle snark that stings
The fashionable, the ultra-cool? Who brings
More scorn to bear on fame’s revolving door?
Yet now you claim each time I take my pen
In hand I’m good instead? Oh what a stinker
Of a notion! Great god! I’d rather be
A pagan, or a used-car salesman, slinker
Around corners, than faux poetically
Uplifting on a peak in Darien.

Wayman Narthex lives in the Midwest and works in the private sector. Aside from a couple of apprentice poems that appeared many years ago in an undergraduate magazine, “Scoundrel to Laureate” is his first published poem.