Patricia Wallace Jones

The Jewish Area of a Cemetery in Schweinfurt, Germany

(Recollection of a visit there in 1972)

The monuments are granite, black or grey
and covered with inscriptions; set apart,
the Hebrew placed judiciously away
from Christian burial sites; and while the art
of Christian tombs abounds in images
that decorate them — angels, perhaps saints,
or sculptures of the dead — the Hebrew graves
have only letters placed to decorate
their surfaces — letters and dates of birth
and death; no more: no six-winged cherubim,
no images of things upon the earth
or in the sea; no busts of Abraham;
the scriptures, cut in stone, carved, line on line;
and no date goes past 1939.

David W. Landrum teaches Creative Writing and Literature at Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  He has published in numerous journals, including Measure, Evansville Review, and The Formalist. He edits the on-line journal Lucid Rhythms,