Patricia Wallace Jones

Editor’s Note

I think the revisitations theme has produced an interesting range of sonnets, running the gamut from ghosts to galleries. Again, browse and discover — and return and revisit!

An innovation this time is that I invited two of our panelists, Robert Crawford and Anna Evans, to provide sonnets of their own, and to say something about the specific sonnet and/or about their approach to assessing sonnets for 14 by 14. I’m pleased with what they came up with and I hope our readers will be, too.

Hats off to Catherine Chandler, Margaret Menamin and Chris Hanson for scoring the hat-trick of getting into all three issues so far. And congratulations to Chris O'Carroll and Carol Taylor for scoring the Issue 2 & 3 double.

And good news from Clay Stockton — his sonnenizio “The Pick-Up Artist in Spring” which we published in Issue 2 is to be included as an example of the form in its inventor Kim Addonizio’s forthcoming book on writing, Ordinary Genius: A Guide for the Poet Within. That’s quite an accolade for Clay, and 14 by 14 will shamelessly bask in his glory.

Welcome also to our new contributors — one of whom, Julie Kane, was recently announced as the winner of the inaugural UK-based International Sonnet Competition (for details and link, see the About page).

My thanks again to the panel and our artist/photographer. (Detailed acknowledgments and links are here.)  I’m happy to say that all are continuing for the next issue.

Issue 4, due out June 14, will focus on the theme of reversals. Again, poets may interpret that in a variety of ways: setbacks or reversals of fortune, transpositions, something that happened while driving backwards... If you write sonnets and you’re interested in submitting, please read the Guidelines carefully! And read what our two panelists who have provided sonnets of their own this time, by invitation, have to say about their judging criteria. Note that submissions will close on May 28. Again we are likely to fill at least two spots by invitation, so again competition will be fierce for the twelve — or possibly fewer — open spots. (I do regret that we have to turn down some good sonnets, but fourteen per issue it is.)

14 by 14 please, not 14x14To anyone who cites or mentions 14 by 14: Please, please use the correct name. It is not 14x14. There’s a practical reason. Where the title becomes separated from any link, people are likely to try, and will fail to find the site there. I foresaw this problem when I registered the domain, and would have registered as well and aliased it to the other domain (basically, typing either address into a browser bar would have brought you to the same site), but was already taken.