Editor’s Note

Love and Lust. Love or Lust. Our second issue, like our first, shows a range of interpretations of the theme. Again, browse and discover — and if a sonnet doesn’t strike an immediate chord, maybe take another look. These are, after all, the select few that have come through the scrutiny of a demanding and knowledgeable panel. Each submitted sonnet was carefully read and considered by four, sometimes five or six, sonnet-savvy people, and their ratings were averaged to decide the top fourteen for inclusion in this issue. It can be a tough obstacle course: one decisive NO vote can be enough to place a sonnet behind the top fourteen.

Special congratulations to Catherine Chandler, Christopher Hanson, Margaret Menamin and Rick Mullin for pulling off the double: they were in the inaugural issue and have also made it into Issue 2. 

My thanks again to the panel, and to Patricia Wallace Jones for doing nearly all of the art this time. (Detailed acknowledgments and links are here.)   

Our third issue, due out April 14, will focus on the theme of revisitations. These might be returns to old places, themes, ideas, musings on the past, ghost stories, etc. Again, broad scope for individual interpretation. If you write sonnets and you’re interested in submitting, please read the Guidelines carefully! And be aware that since this time we may fill some spots by invitation, competition for the open spots will be still fiercer. I’m happy to say that all six panel members are continuing for Issue 3.