Pat Jones


by E. Shaun Russell

No Cupid can ignite a latent flare
or bring to life what died so long ago:
no arrow ever notched upon his bow
has forced the most disinterested to care;
and even he must know that love’s not fair —
that time can dim the most besotted glow,
that ardour ebbs as sure as it can flow,
transforming what was bliss into despair.

I lie before you, prostrate, lacking hope,
in search of fonder thoughts than you must think
and yearning for some scrap of mindless love.
There is no traction on this slippery slope,
and when you find me balanced on the brink,
please spare me the indignity and shove.

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E. Shaun Russell is a musician and formalist poet. His work has been published in over twenty journals, magazines and ezines, including The Writer's Journal, Shit Creek Review, The Barefoot Muse, The Deronda Review and Think Journal, where he was the Featured Poet for the debut issue. He currently lives near Vancouver, but plans are afoot for a move to Virginia by year’s end.