Pat Jones

New Growth

by Brendan Beary

A brushfire overran the glen last May;
The undergrowth and scrub were quickly gone
As tinder for the blaze, all swept away —
A single scarred catalpa carried on.
Yet two months later, that same blackened field
Saw saplings, prairie grasses, tufts of green —
In five years’ time, the scars will all be healed;
The urge for growth relentlessly scrubs clean.
So how much like that valley are we two?
A decade since we let each other burn
For spite and rage, we meet by chance at Kew;
We clumsily embrace, and can discern
From reading of a once-familiar face
That all our arsons left no lasting trace.

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Brendan Beary lives in Maryland and his poems have appeared in the Washington Post Style Invitational, Lighten Up Online, and the Omnificent English Dictionary in Limerick Form (OEDILF) project. This is his second appearance in 14 by 14.