Pat Jones

Love at First Sight Again

by Martin Parker

You’re not the first to catch my roving eye;
I’ve lost my heart before to ones like you
whose pleading looks make even strong men sigh
and pledge their love for ever strong and true.
And I have been extravagant with love,
too quick too often to let down my guard
and find once more when push has come to shove
that to deny new love is much too hard.

Once more I am the victim of surprise.
I’m ambushed by the lure I did not seek
of soft seduction by the soulful eyes
through which the lonely and the loveless speak.
Now, yet again, I’ll need to tell my wife
this dog’s not just for Christmas but for life.
Martin Parker once hoped to be a proper poet, but has now settled for lighter verse instead. For more of the same, and news of his publications, try: where you will also find a link to Lighten Up Online, the quarterly light verse ezine which he edits.