Pat Jones

La mariée

by Judith Graham

And so Delilah bursts upon the scene;
A double date — the NFT — then drinks.
It’s soon apparent, she’s the flirting queen:
Part golden cloud, part unrelenting minx.
Her second wedding’s in the recent past
But she is not defined by any man.
We do the girltalk thing, we have a blast
And then I kiss her, just because we can.

This woman has a radiance that glows,
So forthright and so warm, so subtly hued.
It ought to just be fun, you might suppose;
Instead the moment breathes beatitude.
Coup de foudre, coup de grâce? — we’ll see
How long it takes to make a fool of me.

Judith Graham’s poems have appeared in A Return to Poetry 2000, Writers’ News, the New Statesman, 14 by 14 and Open Poetry Ltd’s 2008 anthology Hand Luggage Only. Raised in Western Australia, she lives and works in central London.