Editor’s Note


Our theme this time is love sonnets, and all fourteen sonnets in Issue 10 have been selected from our open submission process with “blind” assessment. We have four new authors in this Issue: William Keener, Benjamin Taylor Lally, Geoff Le Pard, and Katherine Nehring. A warm welcome to them, as well as to the ten returning authors. Several of the latter have multiple past 14 by 14 credits, but none more than (drum roll)... Catherine Chandler, with a sonnet in every issue so far: 10 out of 10! To the many who have submitted but not yet managed to get through our tough selection panel — study the work of Catherine Chandler!

I leave you to discover the different authors’ various, sometimes very oblique, takes on the love sonnet.

Issue 11 is due out around December 14, and the theme will be elegance — of structure, argument, diction, rhyme, etc. Please see the guidelines for further details if you’re interested in submitting.

After Issue 11, there may or may not be further issues. 14 by 14 will enjoy a holiday at least, if not retirement. There will very likely be no March issue. If 14 by 14 returns, there will be concept and style changes, possibly a move from the periodic issue format. Look for a further announcement on this page in Issue 11. Meanwhile, if you have any thoughts on this please feel free to share them: sonnets@14by14.com.

 Clarification (added December 2)
After Issue 11, 14 by 14 will operate differently. The details are not yet fully worked out, but probably, instead of regular issues as such, there will be some system where new content is added irregularly on a rolling basis. Readers will usually not have to wait three months for new sonnets. Authors submitting will usually be able to expect a faster response. 14 by 14 will not be closing down, and back issues will remain online indefinitely.