Wonder Woman

Margaret Menamin

Paradise Island, that’s the name: the place
depicted in that early comic book,
where women didn’t die but lived in grace,
immortal goddesses. No maid forsook
her ancient home, no creature of that race
betrayed her oath, and no one ever took
a lover, lest she die. Upon the face
of man no Amazon dared ever look.

But Wonder Woman, champion of heroes,
was doomed to get the hots for Captain Trevor,
forgo eternity and worship Eros.
And yet, she came off pretty well: She never
stopped earning DC comics all those zeros;
she’s still around, and sexier than ever.
Margaret Menamin, a native of Missouri and now a resident of Murrysville, PA, is a former newspaper reporter, among many other jobs, some of which she’d like to forget. You may read more of her work at www.menamin.com.