Editor’s Note

about our first issue, and our second

What exactly is a “flight of fancy” anyway? Pretty well anything, to judge from some of the 110 or so submissions that came in for our Issue 1 with that theme! One person’s fancy is another person’s... something else. After all, we did say the interpretation was in the eye of the sonneteer, so fair enough. 

In fact, Flights of Fancy was a deliberately loose choice of theme for the first issue. Some submitters rose to the challenge in a literal or semi-literal manner: we had various aircraft, skywriting, gliding; we had birds aplenty and numerous takes on “flight” — including escape or fleeing, as well as the unlucky bovine of “Cow Falls from Cliff, Hits Car” and a flight of stairs in the unusual sonnet So They Would Not Steal Bites of Sugared Cake. Also among the selected we have an ill-fated white hen; the unhappy conjunction of junco nestlings and a cat; and an Oneironaut (nice title and nice sonnet with a sting in the tail).

Some of these flights of fancy venture to the darker side: I’m thinking of American Pie, for example, and White Feathers (that hen again). But if I go on like this I’ll end up naming them all. So I’ll leave you to browse and discover.          

Issue 2 is due out February 14. The date is irresistible, so I haven’t tried to resist. The theme for next time is Love and Lust, but we’ll be looking for sonnets off the well-worn paths. If you write sonnets and you’re interested in submitting, please read the Guidelines carefully!

I’m grateful to the selection panel for all their work. (More detailed acknowledgments and links are here.) These are well-qualified people who strive to give every submission a careful and fair reading — or often more than one — before committing to a rating. I’m happy to say that the same panel members are continuing for Issue 2.